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Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing is a useful open side fence which can be used as a cap for closeboard or waney, or for a complete fence. Trellis fencing comes in either square spaces or diamond spaces and double trellis spacing. For a classical look, square spaces are more common, whereas diamond spaces and double trellis spacing is popular for a more elegant look.

Trellis fencing is a popular choice used to divide garden, patio or terrace areas off or create intimate areas for dining or relaxing. Not forgetting trellis fencing works great for climbing plants, creating a beautiful effect in building a natural garden setting.

The trellis fence brings a garden to life and adds superb design options to most other fence types.


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Well done guys! Excellent job!!! I really can’t praise you enough, and what a tidy job you did.

Mrs Astrie-Granger, Manor Stables, Oxfordshire

Really happy with the lovely fence you have created for us, and we’d like to thank you for your hard work.

Jimi Symon, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham

Geoff has put numerous stock fences up for us and his work is always first class. We’d happily recommend Chariot Fencing to anyone looking for a professional fencer.

Mary Sturgen, Ditchend Farm, Herefordshire


About Trellis Panels

A trellis is an open sided fence and is ideal for either a panel, infill or to support climbing plants. Trellis fence panels can make beautiful striking features to any garden. There are many different types of Trellis fence panels, below are some examples of the most common, of which we have supplied and installed many times over.

The Benefits of a Trellis Fence

  • Versatile addition to most other fence types and designs. – Trellis fencing can be used as an additional layer of protection in combination with a number of other fencing types and it still looks great.
  • Can be used independently on walls. – Trellis fencing provides a beautiful design effect when used against walls.
  • Great for separating garden and patio spaces. – Whether you would like to separate a small vegetable patch or provide an area in which children can play, trellis fencing breaks up the space without making the space appear smaller.
  • One of the least intrusive fence type there is.
  • When used in addition to a close board or panel fence, adds more height for extra privacy.