Tracked Post Driver For Hire

Looking to hire a tracked post driver? Our Protech tracked post driver, also known as a tracked post knocker is available for hire on a daily basis, offering extreme functionality on a wide range of different terrains. The tracked post knocker is ideal for difficult fencing projects, saving both time and money on manual labour using self-propelled functions and state-of-the-art precision in order to help erect beautiful fences, every time.

The tracked post driver is only 1.5m wide, can turn accurately on a sixpence and provides functional flexibility in its ability for going where tractors can’t. The self-propelled machine can also be operated from the rear controls and moved in all four directions, making it quick and easy to erect any fencing style on difficult or uneven terrain. The tracked post knocker offers versatility on wet marshland, steep ground and even ensures precision when erecting fences in tight spaces.

Advantages of Hiring a Tracked Post Knocker

When looking into hiring a tracked post knocker, it is essential that you are aware of the benefits thereof. Chariot Fencing offer a tracked post driver designed to create stunning fencing solutions on even the toughest and most uneven ground. Benefits of using our tracked post knocker include:

  • Precision – The size of the tracked post knocker allows for far more precise fencing construction, even in tight spaces. Its small size makes it an ideal piece of machinery for awkward projects.
  • Ideal for Tough or Heightened Terrain – Whether you’re looking at erecting fencing on steep ground, frozen ground or wet, sloppy marshland, the tracked post driver is equipped to deal with these conditions, giving you quality satisfaction every time.
  • No Foundation is Too Tough – The tracked post driver’s rock spike and hydraulic extractor makes light work of bedrock and even concrete, giving you complete freedom when choosing where to build your fence.
  • Self-Propelled – There is no need to keep hopping on and off the driver as it is self-propelled and controllable from the rear in addition to offering front-facing controls.
  • Saves Time and Labour – Precision machinery saves both time and labour you would have spent ensuring physical accuracy with each fence post. The sheer strength of the tracked post knocker also reduces time spent erecting any fencing.
  • Superb Support and Safety – The tracked post driver provides expert support using its hydraulic rear leg, post cap plate and telescopic mast for 10ft posts in order to hold each post in place. This ensures the safe and secure driving of the post knocker.

About Chariot Fencing

We are a team of professional fencing contractors offering expert fencing services throughout Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and the many surrounding towns and villages. With over 10 years’ experience specialising in all types of fencing, we offer assistance for both commercial and agricultural fencing styles in addition to home and garden fencing styles.

All our timber is sourced from sustainable and managed forests and purchased through companies that advertise a clear environmental purchasing policy. We have a dedication to upholding the local environment and work hard to ensure that all timber is reasonably sourced.

Tracked Post Knocker Specifications


Hiring a tracked post knocker presents a wide range of applications and advantages. A full list of the tracked post driver specifications can be seen below:

  • Remote control lever valve for complete control from behind the machine
  • 350kg hammer weight
  • 800mm telescopic side shift
  • Rock Spike and hydraulic extractor
  • Telescopic mast for 10ft posts
  • 35 Degree mast tilt in all four directions (left, right, forward, back)
  • Post cap plate (gripper plate) – holds post in place for straight driving and extra safety
  • Hydraulic rear leg –Extends to floor to support post knocker when in action
  • Total weight approximately 2.9T approximately
  • Carrying cradle capable of holding up to 100 posts and 10 strainers – also taking 12ft rails where necessary

We offer FREE delivery and collection of our tracked post knocker hire within 20 miles of Ross-On-Wye, thereafter charges will apply.

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