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Tracked Post Knocker For Hire

Looking to hire a tracked post knocker?

Our Protech tracked post knocker is available for hire on a daily basis with an operator only. This one man fencing machine is a self propelled tracked post knocker, saving time and labour.

The tracked post knocker can turn on a six pence, is only 1.5m wide, and great for going were tractors can’t. There’s also no need to hop on and off the post knocker for each post, as this self propelled tracked machine can be controlled from the rear controls and moved forward, backwards and around.

Post Knocker Specifications:

  • Remote control lever valve for complete control from behind the machine
  • 350kg hammer weight
  • 800mm telescopic side shift
  • Rock Spike and hydrolic extractor makes light work of bed rock and even concrete
  • Telescopic mast for 10ft posts
  • 35 Degree mast tilt in all four directions (left, right, forward, back)
  • Post cap plate (gripper plate) – holds post in place for straight driving and extra safety
  • Hydrolic rear leg – superb support and safety. Extends to floor to support post knocker when in action
  • Total weight 2.9T approx
  • Carrying cradle for up to 100 posts and 10 strainers – also takes 12ft rails


FREE delivery and collection within 20 miles of Ross-On-Wye, thereafter charges apply.