Post and Rail Fencing Supplies

Post and rail fencing comes in many different forms, and often include wire such as barbed wire and/or stock netting. The stakes can be pointed round, pointed half-round and square.

The design choices of an effective and correct stock-proof post and rail fence are foremost influenced by the desired function of the fence, and less important are the aesthetics over the form. For example; a half round rail is far stronger than a square sawn rail, so if you have some powerful frisky horses to keep safe and contain, half round rails are, in our opinion the best option.

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Different Post and Rail Fence Designs


Standard Stock-Proof Post and Rail Fencing

The most common and universal Stock-Proof Post and Rail Fencing design is made up with round stakes, half round rails and often standard stock netting.

  • A typical post and rail fence uses the following measurements and sizes;
  • Round Stakes – 6ft long and 3/4 inches by diameter and spaced 6ft apart
  • Half Round Rails – 12ft long and 4 inches wide
  • The number of rails really depends on whether or not the fence requires netting, but is usually 3 or 4 rails.
  • Using stock netting in addition to rails of course makes the fence more universal and better suited for various different types of animals, such as horses and sheep for example.


Rustic Paddock Fencing

This fence is also commonly known as morticed paddock fencing.

Morticed Post and rail fencingTo create a very attractive, rustic looking post and rail fence which appeals to those who would like a more natural, retro and rustic look to their fence. Comprising of morticed vertical posts, and sawn horizontal rails inserted into each post using a mortice joint. This fence comes with either three or four mortices (rails). Vertical posts can be round, half round and even square posts.



 Sawn Squared Post and Rail Fencing

Post and Rail Fencing - Square

Sawn squared post and rail fencing is often known as paddock fencing and is made with sawn square vertical posts, with three or four horizontal rails. You can choose between either half round rails or sawn square rails.




Stock-Proof Post and Rail Design Example


Here we have a beautiful example of a post and rail fence, using two rails and stock netting. This particular fence is an agricultural creosoted fence.




Design measurements;

-4ft high fence

-Posts – 6ft 3/4inches round, spaced 6ft apart

-Half round rails – 12ft long, 4 inches wide

-Standard high tensile stock netting

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