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Project Description

Michael Scudamore Racing Yard Electric Horse Fencing

We recently replaced all 24 turnout paddocks for Michael Scudamore Racing Yard near Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire.

We were asked to provide permanent electric horse fencing using electric tape. A 40mm wide premium tape was chosen, with 12 gauge steel strains for excellent conductivity.

The whole system is charged using a M200 Energizer from Gallagher.

Posts were positioned 3.5m, giving the tape maximum support to increase longevity. Incised, kiln dried and pressure treated posts were used, giving our client a cast iron 15yr guarantee.

The design also included bungee gates, and the electric lead out cable was safely burred 1ft into the ground, protected in blue agri piping.

Maz (Marylne) Scudamore and Michael Scudamore were both really pleased with the results, and were kind enough to recommend us to all their twitter followers. You can find them on twitter; @MazScu and @MichaelScu

If you require electric tape horse fencing or would like more information on it then contact us today on 01989 489 123.