Panel Fencing

Panel fencing comes in many different designs, and the choice is largely down to taste. The different types of panel fence all follow almost identical construction techniques, so the choice really is down to aesthetics not function.

Panel fences are some of the most affordable garden fences, and the Nation's most popular.

Panel Fence Advantages & Disadvantages

        • Normally less expensive than traditional closeboard, but not as durable.
        • Concrete posts last a very long time, so replacing panels is cheap, quick and easy.
        • Easy to erect and maintain (unless you go for timber posts).
        • Fence post positions are largely dictated by the panels, giving less flexibility to the fence around or near existing trees and plants.
        • Cheaper fence in the short term, but replacing panels in the long term can be more expensive.


Waney Lap Panel Fencing (Larch lap panel fencing)

Waney Lap Panel Photo





 Waney lap panels, often known as overlap panels have horizontal waney edged slats. A common and popular garden fence choice. Panel fencing is an economic fence, and not as strong or long lasting as a closeboard fence. These panel fences can be fitted with either concrete or timber posts.

Concave Panels

Concave Lattice Top Panel

 A very stylish option and a beautiful fence. An elegant decorative panel, combining a horizontal weave design with diamond lattice trellis top.

Closeboard Panels

Closeboard Panel

 Boundary screening is the most common use for closeboard panels, and are more robust than common waney panels.

Weave Panels – (Willow and Hazel Hurdles)


Willow Hurdle – Hazel Hurdle

Willow HurdleHazel Hurdle

Weave panels, or Willow and Hazel hurdles as we refer to them as are a very popular fence, especially suited to older properties looking to create the rustic look and feel. Willow and Hazel hurdles / Weave panels make a beautiful, robust and eco-friendly option, bringing the countryside into your garden. Standard size is 6ft by 6ft.

Trellis Panels

Trellis is an open sided fence, and is ideal for either a panel, infill or to support climbing plants. Trellis fence panels can make beautiful striking features to any garden. There are many different types of Trellis fence panels, below are some examples of the most common, of which we’ve supplied and installed many times over.

Standard Trellis

Standards TrellisStandard Trellis close up view

 Planed Trellis

Planed TrellisPlaned Trellis close up view

Diamond Trellis

Diamond TrellisDiamond Trellis close up view

Double Trellis

Double TrellisDouble Trellis close up view

The small Double Trellis panel is well suited for use to screen areas of the garden giving added privacy where it’s needed.

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