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Horse Fencing

The choice of design for Equine fencing can be determined by considering the following points…

Is it permanent, temporary or semi-permanent?
This is a defining factor when choosing the best horse fencing for your needs. Even temporary fencing must be strong and sturdy in order to keep horses and other animals secure.

What do you need your fencing to do? If it is keeping safe some small ponies, or other animals, perhaps you might be better off with a different style of fencing such as picket fencing or trellis fencing. Are your horses easily startled? You want your horses to feel safe in their pasture, so your fencing needs to provide this security.

We understand the challenges of keeping your horses safe. A professional horse fence not only provides your horses with the safety they deserve but also looks great and adds value to your property.

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Well done guys! Excellent job!!! I really can’t praise you enough, and what a tidy job you did.

Mrs Astrie-Granger, Manor Stables, Oxfordshire

Really happy with the lovely fence you have created for us, and we’d like to thank you for your hard work.

Jimi Symon, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham

Geoff has put numerous stock fences up for us and his work is always first class. We’d happily recommend Chariot Fencing to anyone looking for a professional fencer.

Mary Sturgen, Ditchend Farm, Herefordshire

Do you own or rent the land?

There is more leeway with owned land as you will be able to perform any repairs needed should you wish to remove the fencing, however on rented land it is important that you choose equine fencing that is less likely to leave a lasting mark.

Preferred spend and budget

You will want to have some estimate of the budget you are willing to spend on equine fencing, but bear in mind that high quality horse fencing is more expensive. It is also important to remember that expensive, quality fencing is often more durable, saving you money in the long run.

Your taste and favourite look

As with any style of fencing, it is important to the land owner that the fence is visually appealing. Every individual has their own preferences, so it is important to enter into negotiations with your ideas in mind.

Permanent Options for your horse fencing

Post and railPost and rail is the traditional and most common horse fencing there is. As a classic fence style this provides a beautiful finish that ensures the safety of your horses and other stock animals.

Horse NettingOur preferred and recommended netting is made by our friends at Tornado and called Torus Horse Fencing. The purpose of this netting is to provide low maintenance netting solutions which adequately contain the horse and any other animals that may share the pasture.

Centaur Horse Fencing – An alternative to wooden post and rail fencing, made using polymer technology to create a fence which is incredibly strong, keeping horses
contained and protected. Centaur horse fence is the upmarket choice for your permanent horse fence.