Chariot Fencing are an independent team of professional fencing contractors focusing on providing expert services to clients throughout Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds and the surrounding areas. We have over 10 years’ experience in the supply and installation of all fencing styles, including hit and miss fencing, using our tracked post driver for excellent results every time by both protecting the ground and providing maximum versatility.

We specialise in all types of fencing, from home and garden fencing to include agricultural and even commercial stock fencing to suit your personal needs. With a focus on complete client satisfaction we take pride in completing each project to the highest possible standard. All fences are built on site for extra stability so that we can adapt the fence style to your building, ensuring in a long lasting, beautiful fence.

About Hit and Miss Fencing

A funny name, but accurately described, and a classy fence. Hit and Miss fencing is so called because the boards are fixed in turn with spacing in-between each board. Hit and Miss Fencing can be single or double boarded on each side of the fence. The Hit and Miss Fences provide a quirky fence design, with contemporary lines and a beautiful finish on both sides of the fence.

Double boarded Hit and Miss Fencing has alternative boards on the front and back of the fence. Often known as double paling fencing. They overlap to create a “hit and miss” pattern. With a hit and miss fence, both you are your neighbour have a good-looking side of the fence, and both sides of the hit and miss fence are the same.

Hit and Miss Fencing Advantages

  • Double boarded Fence – While this is a more expensive fence option it provides an added level of class to any fence design, making it great for country homes.
  • Double boarded Hit and Miss has equal beauty on both sides – good fences make good neighbours. It is often found that if the surrounding neighbourhood is well kept and elegant, most neighbours will conform. Encouraging beauty and style in your own fence will only inspire your neighbours, thus improving the whole neighbourhood.
  • A strong and robust fence built to last – While Hit and Miss fencing can be slightly more expensive than other styles of fencing, it is durable and built for longevity.
  • Fence post positions are flexible and not dictated by the construction design, giving more flexibility to the fence line around or near existing trees and plants.
  • Less obtrusive than traditional closeboard when single line – Making them a versatile option for agricultural and personal designs. Hit and Miss Fences are also less ‘foreboding’ than other styles of fencing, giving your home a more welcoming appearance.

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