A factory tour at Walford Timber to see how they offer a 15yr guarantee on all posts?

We’re searching for the best and longest lasting fence posts

So we recently took a fascinating tour of the Walford timber factory and gained much insight into the history and techniques used to preserve the timber’s life and ensure the posts last as long as possible in the ground.

As a professional fencing company it is important we know who is the best to work with and why. After our visit, we were left in no doubt. Chariot Fencing look to only provide clients with the best timber and the most professional best practice installation for garden and stock fencing.

Walford Timber, an independent family owned timber merchant, established in 1945 by Herbert Smith, and now managed by his Grandson, George Smith.

George was on hand personally to meet and greet us, introduce us to his manger and joined us on much of the tour which was great.

Walford Timber have our own pressure treatment plant delivering state-of-the-art timber preservation through incised fencing posts and give a 15 to 20 year guarantee.


The life expectancy of a fence post?


Well it clearly depends on what timber you use, how it has been treated, and with what.

At Chariot Fencing, we get asked time and time again about the life expectancy of a fence post.

The answer is 1 to 30 years depending on the above.

Walford Timber  are at the front of the development curve in progressing the treatment of fence timber used for fencing posts.  They have developed the technique of incising fence posts which is used in a combination with the known drying and treating of timber.


The Incising Process


Incising, as the name suggests, is the process of cutting many small incisions into the surface of the post in order to let the preservative treatment enter more freely. Walford Timber penerate (incise) to a depth of around 10mm which is particularly important for impermeable species such as Spruce and Larch.

Each post is generally incised to the bottom 800mm of the post to protect the area that is in contact with the ground as this is the vulnerable area.

This process allows Walford Timber to treat these timbers to the British Standard BS 8417, something that would otherwise be virtually impossible to achieve.

They were the first company in the UK to develop this process for the use of sawn fence posts, including the development of the machinery required to carry this process out.  Coupled with their nationally recognised treatment process allows them and now Chariot Fencing to offer a 15 year guarantee on these fence posts.

Due to the drying and incising processes and the use of correct and monitored treatment practices,  the preservative is able to penetrate further into the timber. Deeper treatment penetration at the correct loadings offers a proven service life of at least 15 years.


15 year guarantee on all fence posts

Perma Treatment diagram

The PermaTimber brand offers either a 15 or 20 year guarantee depending on what option you go for. Walford Timber have developed the technique of incising fence posts within the UK and can now offer a 15 year guarantee on their incised spruce fence posts.

The Wood Protection Association has recognised this and Walford Timber have become the first company in the UK to achieve their WPA Benchmark certification and this now includes their incised spruce fence posts. PermaTimber is a range of pressure treated timber products that is guaranteed against fungal decay and wood destroying insects for 15 years and carries WPA Benchmark approval. It is specifically designed for use in ground contact (i.e. fence posts, sleepers, decking joists and posts etc) and is produced using either kiln dried Pine, Larch and Douglas fir or incised Spruce.

Walford’s PermaTimber range is WPA Benchmark approved and our incised posts have been independently assessed by the BRE.


Cheap batons make weak low quality closeboard panel fences


When viewing their factory processes and seeing the care taken, the quality really shone through. Most fencing suppliers use 16mm batons on the edge and surrounds of their garden fence panels.

Walford use 18/19mm baton to edge their closeboard panels, and the extra strength was clear to see. All the feather edge panels are even made from centre pieces of timber with no bark or loose notches.


Choosing our fencing material supplier


Needless to say, Chariot Fencing are using Walford Timber for all garden and stock fencing. The 15 yers guarantee is also passed onto all our customers.

Thank you George and all the team at Walford Timer for a really interesting visit. Needless to say, Chariot Fencing will be providing incised, kiln dried pressure treated timber from Walford Timber for all our stock fencing and garden fencing in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and surrounding counties.

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