Estate Fencing

Always metal, and traditionally black, estate fencing is ideal for large estates, private gardens and amenity land. The estate fence can provide the ideal border between formal gardens and more wilder land.

Traditional estate fencing can last over 60 years and is an ideal investment.

Estate Fence Pros and Cons

  • True British elegance with many design options to choose from.
  • One of the most expensive types of fencing.
  • Lasts longer than most other types of fencing.
  • Adds significant value to your property, especially an exclusive estate.
  • Can provide a superb stock barrier.


Traditional Estate Fencing – Wrought Iron Railings

Estate Fence

Traditional estate fencing is constructed using round and flat steel bar and is hot dipped and galvanized, then primed, then painted. Ideal for uneven ground, and follows the contours of the land beautifully with clean flowing lines.

Wrought Iron Tree Guards

We can also supply and install wrought iron tree guards.

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