DIY Fencing Tips

Tip 1

Start with your two end posts on a straight run, and then put a line up (1 ft off the ground) between each posts. This is your fencing line.

Tip 2

For stock fencing on soft ground, make sure you pack some stones around your strainer and use a footer (3” x 3” x 12”) attached to the bottom of your strainer horizontally (about 10” from the foot end).

Tip 3

Once your strainer is in, place a box of matches on the top of the post on it’s end and “wack” the top of the post with the back of a crow bar. If the matches fall over, your strainer is not strong enough for high tensile wire, properly strained.

Tip 4

Never bang your staples in all the way on intermediate posts. Wire needs to expand and shrink as the temperature changes!

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