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To every smallholder, farmer and the equestrian community, a stock proof fencing is pretty much as important as the animals it is designed to hold and keep safe. Farm animals are talented escape artists and mostly too valuable to risk losses from badly made or broken fences. With professional stock fencing solutions for gardens, commercial properties, estates and agricultural premises, Chariot Fencing draws from over 10 years experience in order to provide a personalised, expert service to all clients.

All projects completed by our team of professional contractors are guaranteed from the completion of works for a period of twelve months against defects in work and materials. Our fencing timber is all responsibly sourced from managed and sustainable forests, where we use only the highest quality timber from the supplies to erect our fencing solutions.

Our tracked post knocker means we are able to build and install stock proof fencing in even the steepest and wettest locations. Our work often takes us to remote tough locations and we make sure we have the equipment to get the job done well.

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Chariot Fencing is a family run business operating from two main bases located in Ross-On-Wye and Wallingford. We provide fencing services to clients throughout Herefordshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, drawing experience from clients in Cheltenham, Cholsey, Didcot, Thame and further afield.

Stock Fencing

A cheap and badly constructed fence puts your animals at risk, and often proves more expensive in the long run through on-going  maintenance issues.

Correctly built stock fencing can last as long as twenty years with little or no maintenance, allowing the smallholder or farmer to get on with what’s important feeling safe in the knowledge they have good fences.

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Chariot Fencing take high quality, best practice, strong and reliable stock fencing very seriously.

Post and Rail Fencing – A simplistic fencing solution designed to secure animals in a certain area. This style of fencing can include wire or stock netting. The fence is sturdy and built to last.

Wire Stock Fencing – An affordable alternative to other stock fencing types due to the strength of the wire or barbed wire running through the fence. It is the UK farmer’s most popular stock fence.

Cleft Chestnut Fencing – Similar in design to post and rail fencing, the cleft chestnut fencing adds a rustic design look to your premises. Made from sustainable naturally durable local timber, the hardwood sweet chestnut is well known for its strength and durability.

Electrical Fencing – An effective solution to keeping animals safe and secure and to deter intruders from trespassing. Electrical fencing can also be used to divide grazing areas, making it ideal for agricultural and farming purposes.

Horse Fencing – Available in a variety of styles dependent on the practical requirements you have for your fencing. Two main varieties are centaur horse fencing; an alternative to post and rail fencing, and horse netting; the fencing method most recommended by Chariot Fencing.

Other Services

Garden FencingChariot Fencing offers first class advice and assistance for clients looking to spice up their garden with a stylish new fence. Working to your exact specifications we will discuss your personal requirements with you, helping you to decide on your perfect fencing style, then we supply and erect the fence on site. Choose from a large number of different styles of garden fencing to help make your garden stand out and increase your home security.

Commercial Fencing If you are concerned about security on your commercial premises, Chariot Fencing provides a range of fencing styles designed to improve safety and security for your property. Offering styles to suit your business, we can assist you in choosing the perfect fencing solution for your commercial premises.

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Whether you are looking for sturdy stock fencing to ensure the safety of your animals, you need a wire fence to secure your commercial premises or you are looking for a beautiful wrought iron fence for your private estate, Chariot Fencing can help.

Simply call us on 01989 489 123 to speak to a member of our professional team, who will happily help you with any questions. You can also fill out the form found on our Contact Us page or email us at geoff@chariotfencing.co.uk where we will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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